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Last Friday a friend from Missouri told me she thought I sounded depressed. I did sound bummed. As a matter of fact I recognized I was having a pity party and feeling sorry for myself. I know — It’s a ridiculous state for me to be in when I’m surrounded with countless blessings. Fear not! I’ve pulled myself up by my boot straps, and have interviews set up at area gyms where I hope to find part-time work. The remaining hours of the day I plan to fill my calendar with coaching, lectures and workshops. The Bell System’s 1979 slogan has never been more true. We can “Reach Out and Touch Someone”. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you know the benefit of working with me. Here’s how you can reach out and find me.


I’m motivated by the results my clients get. So, I’m happiest when people are discovering things about their bodies and expanding their fitness horizons. I want to make sure this is crystalIMG_2514 clear. I have more to offer than the one-on-one training in a gym, and so I developed client-coach relationships over the web. It’s a different kind of training. Lifestyle Health Coaching using the ZWL Method. (Based on the book published by myself and Jeri Levesque in 2013, The Zen of Weight Loss.)


As I said earlier, I want to coach and train more people because the past 7 years has shown me it can be done successfully from long distance. Here are the choices you have. People may contact me through this site, at Square Marketplace, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the ZWL Method page on Facebook. As unbelievable as it may sound, there is yet another way to contact me. For the past 15 years I’ve been a volunteer on the site where I answer concerns from people across the globe. I’m also a contributing writer for Women’s Journals in St. Louis and St. Charles County. 

The best place to start is to read The Zen of Weight Loss. It is easily available through Square Marketplace. In St. Charles, Missouri you can still get a copy of The Zen of Weight Loss at Miss Aimee B’s Tea Room and Gallery on First Capitol Drive. While you’re there have lunch!


Thank you Kathy Sparks! Always a balancing force in my life.

Thank you Kathy Sparks! Always a balancing force in my life.

Anyone who would like to sort out their personal fitness path is welcome to touch me — phone or Skype. Initial consultations will only cost you time. There is no charge. It’s worked for many people. It can work for you. Give it a try. What have you got to lose? Unwanted pounds? You will gain improved health because my goal is to Improve Fitness One Body at a Time!

Be Well!



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