Everybody Who Blew Their Diet…Raise Your Hand

We were blessed with a beautiful weekend for the wedding of our younger son to a beautiful young woman. Besides the emotion of that event we were surrounded by family who came from Washington state, Kentucky, Delaware, New York, Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, very nearly Kansas (Kansas City), Pennsylvania, Missouri and Georgia. The bride’s family had a huge contingency from Texas. It was a National Event! We had a blast!

Hugs, drinks, and food, but did we pay attention to what we ate and drank? You bet! I can’t help but watch what people say about the food they are thinking about eating — the food they are eating — and the food they have just eaten. So the answer is, yes, people pay attention. However, it doesn’t stop them from eating.

Almost every person commented that it had been months if not years since they had eaten (insert the name of the food here). They ate it anyway. This is a very common practice. Some people have more excuses To complete my study I will have to get feedback from them about the reaction their body had to that previously forbidden food.

Perhaps nothing at first, but remember you stopped consuming something because it didn’t agree with you. Reach deep into your memories and figure outa why you stopped eating it. More than likely you should stop again.

Move on. Eat better from now on, but next time when you pay attention to food be sure you aren’t stuffing it into your mouth.

Be Well!







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