World Cup Training

The teams we’ve been watching this past two weeks are utterly amazing! Soccer is a demanding sport with endurance at the top of the list. I’ve been in awe of these tremendous athletes, and salute each player — every team. In my book they’re all winners.

Running congruent with these games are the fitness articles which outline training methods you can use! Yeah, right! Few people have the capability to workout the way these men train. Years of preparation are required and if you start now you may be able to convince your friends you are in as good shape as these players — in four years. You will have to build your agility, endurance, stamina, coordination (no two left feet here), and do it all at a breakneck pace. Let’s say you can hang with the big boys. No ifs, ands or buts here you’re aligning yourself with some heavy hitters in the fitness world. Soccer players are among the best athletes in the world. So, let’s train like they do.

Start with squats. You want size and strength so do 8-12 repetitions of heavy (for you) lifts. Start with 3 sets. It should burn. If it doesn’t — increase your weight. Upper body work is a good idea too, but should not be your focus.

Now, building endurance for fast twitch muscles is imperative. You must be able to start, stop, switch direction so I believe you should rotate between Sprints, Suicides, Power Jumps and Uphill Runs. (Hey, this sounds remarkably like the workouts I’ve done with my volleyball players). I used to combine suicides with power jumps! Fun. This isn’t all the picture. World class athletes have mental focus you may need to work at, not to mention a pristine nutritional program.

No disrespect meant, but few people can train like a world class athlete. It’s too much work, unless you’re going to take it to an international playing field.

Let’s be fair. Most of us aren’t capable and perhaps aren’t interested in training like this. You can, however, do a few things to step up your game. First look at what you are doing for fitness. Are you running or walking? Do you lift weights, or practice yoga? There must be something you do that you know isn’t healthy. At the same time there is normally something you don’t do that you should. Promise your self that you will:
#1 Do that which you ignore, but know you should be doing.
#2 Stop that which you know is bad for your health, body, and mind.

Leaves it wide open. There has to be something you can assign to each of these mandates. Do it. Don’t talk about it. Don’t make excuses. You don’t have to be a world class anything! You just need to improve where you are right now.

Be Well!

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