Coming to You From the East

“There is a strange and persistent legend that probably originates in the East. It proposes that in some hidden locations on the earth (generally the highlands of Central Asia, particularly Tibet, . . . ) there exists a group of persons who possess both exceptional powers and a highly perfected character and consciousness.” 

photo (23)

Some of the Group Fitness members. From Left to Right Megan Coyne, Shirley Hutchison, Carolyn Herren, Mary Kenley, Karen, Dianne Hagan, Donna Hake, Pam Zahner, Debbie Mertz and Ann Wilson. Thanks for a wonderful 8 years work of class.


I’m not suggesting I have exceptional powers (If I had any I’d like to fly), but I’ve relocated my home office to Atlanta. The article I quote here has some wonderful information I encourage you to read. Then pass the salt and pepper and get down to this article.

The meat of this article is a hello and farewell. For the past 12 years I made my home outside St. Louis in a wonderful community gym. Main Street Gym in St. Charles, Missouri. The people I met there helped me grow as a trainer and a person. I am richly blessed. For those people who have been part of my life I wish them the best success and many Blessings.


Gym owner Wendy Black with Karen. It’s been a great 12 years.

Now on to the truly exciting part of my new adventure. I have developed a Method of coaching — and written a book about said method along with my coauthor Jeri Levesque. We’re now a National commodity. As Jeri will still be living in Missouri she travels for business and pleasure from Florida to California, Kentucky to Rhode Island. Fortunately we are savvy (relatively speaking) and can stay in touch via computer and social networking.

I’m literally just a Skype away. I’ve been coaching people over the phone and with Skype or FaceTime for the past 8 years. I hope to continue this outreach and conduct workshops and lectures on the ZWL Method. 

If you’re searching for an approach to fitness that will adjust to your schedule, and offer expert advice try ZWL. There are three levels of coaching available. All reasonably priced.

  • Start/Revamp Your Workout Personal Training is 3 sessions (30-minutes) to kick in or rock on with your training. Interface Skype of phone. 3 consecutive weeks)
  • Personal Fitness Evaluation gives you 5 sessions for a More detailed look at food control and your personal workout. It’s more than machines. Sessions may last up to an hour. (5 consecutive weeks)
  • Full Life Changing Event 12 sessions for the $480 gives you 12 weeks with Lifestyle Health Coach and Personal Trainer Karen Sullivan guide, direct, and kick your virtual-butt over Skype or the phone. Setting goals, losing weight are a small portion of what it takes to get fit and make it last. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Start now and there can be less of you by the Holidays!

At the risk of sounding like an advertisement I offer this post, and encourage you to give ZWL a try. It is my pleasure to coach and help people with their fitness needs. I’m just trying to improve fitness one body at a time!

Be Well!


Diane Walters and Lindsay Fuller two of Karen’s ZWL clients. Click on the picture to schedule your coaching.


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