Babies+Puppies = Exercise

I love social media. I’m also frustrated by it. As I market my book and the business I own I’ve done a great deal of research. Many sources instruct me to use this medium to advertise who I am alittle boy Davidnd what I have to offer the cophoto (6)-001nsumer. Because I work from a virtual office the internet is the best medium for my advertising efforts. However, my advertising, even if you see it, is only one of perhaps thousands that come into your line of sight each time you log onto either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, or any other of the thousands of ways I can use to “market” my business. Few people notice what I post on the Facebook page ZWL Method, or through this site which is advertised on LinkedIn and Twitter as well as FB. That’s not the case if I post pictures of children, puppies,or my dog Hank. What do puppies and babies have to do with my services? Basically nothing, except that once I was a baby, and puppies and kittens are sweet. They aren’t, however, related to anything I do as a Coach.

There are lots of coaches and coaching techniques in the world. What makes me so special? I’m a personal trainer with specialized training in post rehabilitation exercise. I’ve taught Pilates, Body Sculpting, Group Fitness, and as a Motivational Speaker I present workshops and lecture series about finding sustainable fitness. I’ve also written a book with co-author Jeri Levesque called The Zen of Weight Loss. With all this, I believe the Crown Jewel of my business is my Lifestyle Health Coaching known as the ZWL Method. I believe it’s the heart and soul of all the work I do with clients. See what I mean about the puppy pictures being far from informative? What I DO changes lives.

How I affect people has become obvious as I approach the time for my move from the area. After spending 12 years outside St. Louis, Missouri in a small gym I’m pulling up stakes and moving to Atlanta, Georgia. The expressions of gratitude have been overwhelming. It isn’t until recently that I’ve been able to continue a conversation without breaking down. I do look forward to what Atlanta holds in store for me, but I’ll miss the people I’ve worked with during my time here. This is what life holds for some of us in this mobile society. If you have lifelong roots to the area you live in now consider yourself very blessed.

On the other hand, I believe I’m blessed because I get to meet new people and have new experiences. As people here voice their appreciation for my work with them I’m grateful for the opportunity to see how my gifts have impacted lives. In the last few months the most poignant comment I received was from a client I haven’t seen for five or six years. She writes, “I have been following the news of you leaving (thank goodness for Facebook)!! There is so much I want to say…but I think it all revolves around a simple – Thank you for being there at one of the hardest times in my life! 21 weeks on crutches, my stress was high, my heart was broken….so much was happening. So, please stay in touch (don’t leave Facebook!), and know that your work, your spirit, your heart, have impacted SO MANY people over the years. I am just one of the lucky ones that gets to say, THANK YOU my friend! I wish you a safe move and all the love and wonderful things that can come to you and your family with this new beginning! You will be missed dearly:) Love ya, AW”

I believe there are people across the country who will benefit from my work. So, in an effort to get the word out — because I’m very affordable, and great fun — I use social media. Beyond the gym or lecture hall my coaching happens on the phone or via Skype so proximity doesn’t matter. I believe the best avenue for advertising is word of mouth. So while I post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ I need your help.

LIKE my Facebook page ZWL Method, then share the page. Follow me on LinkedIn, and share, share, share.You never know if a friend, of a friend, of a friend may be waiting for help such as ZWL offers. It’s my business to Improve Fitness One Body at a Time! Help me reach out to people who need my guidance. Above all —

Be Well!

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