Happy Springtime Resolutions

Honestly. How many of us have upheld our New Year’s Resolutions? While the #1 resolution made in 2014 was weight loss chances are many of those promises have gone by the wayside. Who can blame us? The winter is a hard time to begin new habits. It’s dark and cold especially before and after work when the majority of us can fit exercise into our schedules. This winter was more brutal than we’ve seen in a while. It’s already an uphill battle to stop eating junk and build an exercise routine, but when you have to fight the elements to gain a foothold it’s even harder.


I think we need to stop making promises at the turn of the year and instead make resolutions in the Spring! There’s a greater possibility of success when you can easily get to the gym without slogging through ice, snow and salt. It’s much more appealing to go for a run on a brisk day while the sun warms you and the crocuses push through the soil. Now that the weather is finally more gentle, step up and get to work. Reflect on what your body looks like now, and decide if you want to change it. Then get started.

You must be Motivated. Decide why you want to change your body. It isn’t enough to want a smaller dress/pant size. It’s WHY you want a smaller body that matters. Each time you think you know why, ask yourself again, and again. The real answer is soul deep. It’s the answer that makes your heart to want to sing. It brings a tear to your eye, and a smile to your face. Never forget this deep-seated reason. It is what will keep you on track when you’re tempted to dump the diet and eat the pie.

Track your progress. Get a journal or notebook and record all you do, eat, and how you feel. Discernment is the key to unlocking your personal eating program. If food keeps you strong and your body releases fat then you’re on the right path. If the food you eat makes you lethargic and stores fat you can be sure it isn’t good for you.

Make it Sustainable. An injured body can’t exercise — no exercise leads nowhere — we don’t want nowhere, we want an improved fitness level and better quality of life. There’s no point to beating your body up in the name of fitness. That’s an oxymoron. It isn’t a “badge of courage” to have in injury and suck it up and work through it. So, when you start an exercise program be sure you can keep up the pace. If riding a bike for 30 minutes, three times a week is good — riding for 60 minutes 6 days a week doesn’t deliver double the results. Slow and steady! Happy Spring Resolution.

Be Well!

Photo credit to David M. O’Brien of Dover, Delaware. Thanks!

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