How Personal Do You Want to Get?

You want to lose weight. You try diets. You try workouts. When they don’t work you give up food and start running 4,000 miles a week. Okay, so not 4,000 — maybe 30. Nada. Zilch. You then give up food. Well, once you get out of the emergency room consider hiring someone to help. I want to help you sort through the options. Don’t be offended because I’m about to make sweeping generalizations. I know somewhere there are at least a dozen of these people who are helping people.


There are Coaches. The people we know and love from high school PE classes and sports teams. Some good, some not so great. Definitely not so,done to help you with weight loss — for the most part. 

 Then there are Trainers. Don’t forget the Personal Trainers. From screamers to the ones who coax you gently… for a while. However, the success is often short lived.

Beyond this kind of help is a special kind of Fitness Expert. 

The Lifestyle Health Coach. That’s the fitness professional the ZWL Method endorses for it’s customers. One conversation could change your life. You already know the best weight loss program in the world. It’s the one your body dictates every day. You just need to learn how to listen to the signals your body gives you about food. One conversation with a Lifestyle Health Coach can teach you to speak “Body Talk”, build a Personal Diet you can live with for more than the loss phase, and lead you to the results you want.

I’ve talked about the process for several years now through Facebook, this site and Twitter. 

For a Limited Time: Purchase The Zen of Weight Loss and get a free Lifestyle Coaching session. It will only take 30 minutes of your time. You can hang up at any time, and it costs you nothing — but your time.

Confidential. Secure. Effective.

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