Connecting the Dots

“ZWL is designed to teach you to call the shots about what your body needs. We’re supporting your quest to IMG_0802establish at a livable arrangement between yourself and the world though a reasonable balance of diet and exercise. Again, the task is to track your food intake and note how different food makes you feel. Pay attention to how you focus on the hunt finding Internet bargains, choosing the right food for the occasion—rather special or just a midweek repast.” The Zen of Weight Loss

How do we track our food? A Journal is a means of remembering without having to download additional data to your already cluttered memory banks. It’s an archaic jump drive. There’s a two-pronged reason it works. First, you don’t have to remember what you eat if you’re writing it down. Secondly, the accountability of having to write it down creates mindfulness. Mindfulness is absolutely necessary if you’re going to succeed. Mindless eating is what we do when we fail to sit and enjoy a meal. Have you ever shoved food in your mouth only to look down at your plate to take another bite — but the food is gone? When you’re mindful you’re like a child playing connect the dots, you build your personal diet program. One meal at a time. Mindfulness — half of the formula.

However, without the other half to the program you will flounder and become the ever-present yo-yo dieter. You must have proper motivation to keep you in line. Short-term motivations are known as goals. Goals are expendable and easily bypassed. They aren’t necessarily life changing milestones, and sometimes are easily set aside when the lure of a dish of ice cream smothered in hot fudge is too much to pass up. Tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow. That’s why Goals don’t work, and I’m not a fan.

What does work is having true Motivation. One that extends deep into the heart of your being. I call it finding your WHY. The process is easy, but coming up with the real answers isn’t. You have to be more real with yourself than probably ever before. Goals are shared. A WHY is not. A true WHY can make you vulnerable. You may feel petty and trite if you say it aloud. I never ask my clients to share their WHY, and I encourage them to hold it close. The process is done in the mind and woven with emotion. There are short cuts and abbreviations that lead you to a conclusion you will never be able to explain. At breakneck speed your mind will draw conclusions that bring you to tears and answer your heart’s desire at the same time. That insight belongs only to you. Treasure it because it holds the power to keep you on track. Knowing your WHY will help you turn away from your favorite pizza. In finding your WHY you are saying, “Yes, I’m important and I value myself!”

Making Fitness Stick is a workshop designed to help you find these answers. Sustainable fitness happens when these two components are in place. It brings great joy and empowers you at the same time. Watch for upcoming information on a retreat in June only available in Myrtle Beach, SC. Details to be announced.

Be Well!

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