Make ‘Em Laugh

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In the 80’s I attended a weekend conference with my parents. One of the lecturers was Dr. Raymond A. Moody, Jr. He is the authority who coined the term “near-death experience”, and his book Life After Life has been a best seller for years. However, this weekend he was speaking about his newest book (at the time) Laugh After Laugh: The Healing Power of Humor. What I brought away from that conference was the need to lighten up, and laugh at life.

We always have a choice. In any situation we can blow up and get haughty and angry, or we can chuckle, see the humor and find a way through. How will you choose to handle life this coming week, and throughout the year?

If you already are facing an illness it’s not a laughing matter, and you could just disregard this posting. I mean no disrespect. I understand that Life is serious when it comes to a compromised immune system and disease. If you’re already undergoing treatment for an illness Dr. Moody’s book recommends you accompany the medical treatment with entertainment that is funny. Look for a book or movie that has you laughing out loud. I’ve always remembered this and apply it to my work. I take my business seriously. Rehabilitation for a broken or injured body is no easy thing, and I try to approach each exercise session with humor. As a matter of fact, we collect jokes at our gym! Try to imagine a story of a production line going faster than humanly possible which results in cookies showering down on the employees. Now try to imagine it without smiling or laughing. It’s a real life I Love Lucy sketch. Now that is truly funny. Laugh to help your body and spirit heal.

Living life with humor can be difficult. Not impossible. Train yourself to respond, not react to life. It’s a matter of Mindfulness. Oh! There’s that word again. Now, I challenge you to change your reaction to situations this week.

      • Long lines,
      • traffic,
      • busy signals,
      • an answering machine that cannot understand you,
      • a bill you’ve paid, but it keeps showing as unpaid,
      • or a nasty cold (or injury) that won’t heal.

So, how can we introduce humor into our exercise and fitness path? Laugh! Be happy you can move. Be aware that there are people who are not doing the kind of exercise routine you do because their bodies will not allow them to move the way you can. Gratitude and laughter are friends. They run hand in hand. Start to laugh and you recognize how grateful you are for the things you have. Praying and showing your gratitude will make you throw your head back and laugh. It’s a perfect duo. It’s yours to control and own.

Be Well!

Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it.     Bill Cosby

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