Fairy Tale Fitness

. . . And they all lived Happily Ever After. The End.

This is the experience we want when we get to the end of the diet rainbow. We want to achieve our goals, and stay there with no effort. This isn’t the case. Just as there is always another dragon for the prince to slay, there is always another meal and social event to get through. Unless, of course, you’ve achieved Sustainable Fitness.

The word sustainable is an adjective, but you already knew that. Remember that an adjective is a word or group of words which modify and describe the quality of a noun. In this case we are using the adjective: sustainable to describe the noun: fitness.

Fitness is health. It is or should be the first thing we concern ourselves with each day, and the first thing we teach our children. Fitness is measured by how well our bodies distribute inhaled oxygen to muscle tissue during physical effort. It is how straight and tall we stand, how we can move and function in the world. It is not a reading on the scale, a tape measure, or how much you can lift. All of these things lead to fitness. Fitness is the end result of making good solid choices for food and movement. Even the most fit bodies struggle with illness and disease. Without fitness the chances of life lived well and long diminishes. If this were a race, fit normally trumps out of shape every time. Sadly, we’ve lost sight of this. We think fitness is for the few, but it is our birthright. Our bodies were designed to be fit, stay fit, and function best when fit. Many have forgotten that the quality of our fitness should be top shelf — and last throughout our lives.

Sustainable is being able to keep going, be maintained, to be continually reused. Sustainable is our Happily Ever After. Life is best when we remain in a state of health and wholeness, but we often are an all or nothing fitness society. Pushing to get to a goal without making sure we can maintain that goal is what brings failure. Failure is what makes us gain weight again and again. We haven’t failed. Our fitness program has.

Fitness done right can be sustained indefinitely. Fitness done right has to be learned. Our society has forgotten how to stay on track. The ZWL Method of coaching reintroduces Sustainable Fitness. Learning how your body responds to foods and re-learning eating habits without dieting is key to success. Wait! There’s so much more.

        • Sticking with an exercise program once you start.
        • Discerning healthy food from bad food? I have clients unable to eat apples, or lettuce.
        • Learning how to eat based on Body Evidence is key to success.

These bring us closer to Sustainable Fitness. See more information at the link below.

Be Well!

Visit Square Market

Visit Square Market

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