Holidays With No Weight Gain

The Holiday season means — Food. Food from your childhood, the stuff your grandma used to make for you, and then new dishes that try to top the old recipes. It’s all amazing — and dangerous.

It's been 15 months since I declared I wanted to be Thinner by Christmas. This is now my second Christmas -- and I'm thinner than last year.

It’s been 15 months since I declared I wanted to be Thinner by Christmas. This is now my second Christmas — and I’m thinner than last year.

Since January 2013 you have been trying to get that unwanted fat off your body. You have been to the gym, and some have even resorted to a trainer screaming in your ear several times a week. So, why throw caution to the wind and undo all that hard work in 8 weeks?

Some people believe holiday weight gain is a myth. There are rumors out and about that you can gain between 5 and 10 pounds from Thanksgiving until the New Year. It seems the truth is that the average gain is only 1 pound. Hold off on celebrating yet. A government study in 2000 looked at 195 people to track their weight during this period of time.


The mean (+/-SD) weight increased significantly during the holiday period (gain, 0.37+/-1.52 kg; P<0.001), but not during the pre-holiday period (gain, 0.18+/-1.49 kg; P=0.09) or the post holiday period (loss, 0.07+/-1.14 kg; P=0.36). As compared with their weight in late September or early October, the study subjects had an average net weight gain of 0.48+/-2.22 kg in late February or March (P=0.003). Between February or March and the next September or early October, there was no significant additional change in weight (gain, 0.21 kg+/-2.3 kg; P=0.13) for the 165 participants who returned for follow-up.” 

It is their determination that this little weight gain is the source of the creeping weight gain many adults experience as they age. Their determination, not mine. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to gain at all. I want to enjoy life, enjoy the taste of food, and not have my waistline get bigger. I share tips and guidelines through the ZWL site on Facebook. Presently we are working toward a stellar holiday packed with full enjoyment of food, friends and fitness. It’s totally possible with mindful eating and preparation. For tips to improve your holiday eating and weight results LIKE ZWL – The Zen of Whole Living on Facebook. 

Be in charge of your eating and the activities you are involved with this year. It is the best gift you can give yourself. May you be healthy and filled with great joy this year and always.

Be Well!

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