Expansion: Of Services — Not Waistline

The following is a statement of fact, not an effort to embellish my reputation. Seven years ago I began working with non-local clients. I called it Long Distance Coaching — original! The name aside, I began successfully coaching clients in Florida, Virginia and Texas from my home-office in Missouri. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those individuals who helped me perfect the ZWL Method and The Zen of Weight Loss. The book is the cornerstone of my coaching, and it addresses key issues you face while trying to improve fitness. Teaming up with co-author Jeri Levesque, Ed.D. brought insight into the process of learning and getting your brains involved in your fitness.

Many people on this fitness quest have every diet book published, and ZWL could end up being just another book in the collection. The ZWL Method works, and you can have the added edge by coaching with the author. If you’re ready to make changes in your health, weight or fitness level The Zen of Weight Loss is the place to begin. In addition to this site and Facebook I’m pleased to be able to offer my services through Square Market.

The ZWL Method: Coaching, Lectures or Workshops

  1. Health Coaching.     For 12 weeks you can have Health Coach and Personal Trainer Karen Fili Sullivan guide, direct, and kick your virtual-butt over Skype or the phone. Setting goals, losing weight are a small portion of what it takes to get fit and make it last. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss. Start now and there can be less of you by the New Year!
  2. Lecture: I’m Tired of Dieting . . . How About You?     Soaring medical insurance costs — now estimated at more than $8,000 per employee may force employers to impose penalties. Instead of suggesting the normal celery and carrot cure, give them the education they need to make permanent changes. This conference highlights the truth about diets that you’ve never heard before! We’ve been living under the mendacity that the secret to weight loss is calories in — calories out. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Find out what really works! Contact Body Restoration by Karen to check availability and costs. karenfilisullivan@gmail.comphoto (41)
  3. Workshop: Making Fitness Stick   This workshop is a stand alone, but best when done with the lecture. Serial Dieters know what it means to be on a diet roller coaster. End that cycle by using the tools taught in this workshop. Fun and productive. Real answers! For availability contact karenfilisulllivan@gmail.com

Regardless of the approach you prefer, you can benefit from my expertise. Health Coaching is one-on-one from the comfort of your home. The lecture and workshops are designed to stand on their own, but are best offered together.

I’m not going to hype this up further just call me. Contact information is available at the SPEAKING tab at the top of the page. Let’s get healthy people before it’s too late.

Be Well!

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