Popular Personal Trainer Says Food is Key to Weight Loss

Bob Harper said that he once thought you could work everything you eat off, but that in reality it isn't that simpleWell, Hallelujah and Amen to that! In an article released this past Friday, Trainer Bob Harper has admitted to a Daily Mail reporter he used to believe he could “beat everything you eat” out of the body. In other words, exercise your fat away. He NOW understands that food is the key. Well, bully for him. One comment to this article reads,

“It’s never been a secret. Every trainer will tell you 70% diet 30% exercise to achieve weight loss. DM please catch up with today’s world.” – Mulberryfan, London, 23/8/2013 10:10

Harper isn’t alone in this kind of thinking. When people want to drop unwanted pounds the first thing they do is increase their exercise. Changing their food sometimes never occurs to them. Don’t get me wrong. I believe exercise is important for a myriad of reasons, but food is KING. When I explain this fact to my clients I whisper “I don’t want to put myself out of business, but we need to consider your eating. . . ” My experience taught me long ago the 70/30 split for perfect fitness, and the need for guidance outside the gym.

The publication The Zen of Weight Loss teaches how to use the brain-body connection to explore your relationship with food, past habits and deepest desires. Your body already knows what you need to do for your health. Success comes with increased understanding. Jeri and I encourage you to design a fitness program based on your goals and lifestyle. The crucial ingredient for lasting success is that the program is sustainable. This isn’t about how fat or thin you are, it’s about your fitness level. Following your inner guidance is just half of the picture, but an enormous task. Once you’re ready to make the changes, the next step is to work toward your goal. Stages of growth come slowly and methodically. Like an investigator you uncover the specifics of your body’s response to food and exercise. But how do you deal with the episodes that derail your program? Stress? Family? Time constraints?

Health Coaching with the ZWL Method, or what Jeri calls, “being under the ZWL Lens” can happen in the comfort of your home. In the past 7 years I have “seen” clients in Florida, Delaware, Texas, Kansas, New York and Washington State all in my home office. Technology brings us together weekly via Skype or phone. Then we work out details of your fitness routine. In a nutshell, I have become the perfect fitness mediator.

The Butterfly Retreat October 18-20 Beach Cove Resort, North Myrtle Beach, SC. Click on the image to learn more.

Mediation is the key to your success. You already have the answers you seek. I point them out, and together we build your program. In October I’m taking the show on the road. I’ve been invited to Myrtle Beach, SC to present my ideas at an annual seminar conducted by Extraordinary Events by Jennifer Lombardi.

My presentation in the general session I’m Tired of Dieting. . . how about you? is a light-hearted analysis of the diet cycle commonly known as the yo-yo syndrome. I believe we can obliterate the myth that dieting is hard by standing our ground and refusing to try another diet!

Then in my breakout session Making Fitness Stick with M&Ms These M&Ms are Motivation and Mindfulness, and fitness isn’t complete without these little sweeties! The workshop includes exercises to help you search for your heart’s desire. Discover WHY you really want that thinner body. Then design your plan to get there, and finally learn tools to keep you on track. No tricks, gimmicks, pills, powders or fad programs. A fun experience. I will be offering one lucky participant a gift package of Health Coaching!

I would welcome an opportunity to present these workshops in your area, or coach you directly.

      • Inquiries are welcome at karenfilisullivan@gmail.com and learn more.
      • Consider joining us in Myrtle Beach.
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Be Well!

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