Road Trip

As you read this I am on vacation. Driving east with books in hand for several stops to share The Zen of Weight Loss. Starting in Rhode Island with co-author Jeri Levesque where we will relax and plot our sequel. Afterward we’ll head to my hometown of Dover, Delaware for time with friends, family and the beach. Selling ZWL along the way. Couldn’t be more fun!20121202-092138.jpg

Vacation for many people means eating. Snacks in the car, food on the road, meals in between, and very little exercise. So, do you just throw all your hard work out the window? Heck no. There are things you can do…choices you must make…to stay in line with your grand design. This is what I will do.

Road Snacks

Not to be confused with road kill, this is the kind of food you choose to have for munchies while driving. I look for sweet, crunchy, salty. Not necessarily in that order. In addition to ice cold water, my cooler will contain:

        • Almonds
        • Cheese Sticks
        • Celery
        • Fruit — usually peaches, apples, berries
        • Grape tomatoes
        • Almond butter to use on celery and apples
        • Baked chicken tenders (I like them cold, what can I say?)
        • Turkey or Ham rolls
        • Jicama (Mexican potato) good if you make a dip like guacamole or onion dip.
        • Meals 

          It doesn’t matter if you are on the road or at home. Eating out is eating out and you must be proactive. Look for lean and fresh. Salad, steamed vegetables. Ask for no added sauces, coatings etc. and instead use salt and pepper and lemon juice if you really need more zing. Look for fish and chicken options that are not fried and have no breading on them. Otherwise, find something relatively close and scrape off the excess breaking or sauces. You can easily leave satisfied and healthy.

          Ask the restaurant about their food preparation and avoid the foods you aren’t able to eat. If they know what you need they can usually accommodate. Don’t use travel as an excuse to get unhealthy. You will feel horrid and ruin your fun vacation.

          Be Well!

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