I Must Confess

As a Professional Health Coach and Personal Trainer I find people are wary of me. The minute they find out what I do for a living they behave differently. Usually they act like it’s time for confession, even if they aren’t Catholic. They drop to their knees (figuratively) and confess, “It’s been three weeks since my last workout!”

There was a time when I took them by the hand and led them to a chair to hear all they had to say. I’d encourage them to come to the gym where I worked and see what I might be able to do to help them. Now I just nod my head. What they want is absolution. I’m fresh out.

I’ve become hardened in my old age. I’m beyond trying to help people who won’t help themselves. Recently someone said my posts didn’t tell them anything they didn’t already know. I asked if they were actually doing the things I recommended? Or perhaps they were perfectly fit and beyond the guidance I was doling out?


My answer to these confessions and other assorted questions is The Zen of Weight Loss. This book might easily have been called The Mindful Way to be Fit, but that wouldn’t have covered all of it either. I’m really more compassionate about people who have fitness issues than I make this sound. That’s why I developed the ZWL Method. I want it to reach everyone who might benefit. That attempt at outreach starts with the cover.

First is the word Zen. Zen is a word that will jump off the page. You are either afraid of it, or you can identify with it. Either way, I got a response from you. Zen is a discipline. Not unsimilar to the discipline you need to maintain a healthy weight. Zen is mindfulness, being attentive, alert, vigilant, and watchful.

Weight Loss. Sums up the elephant in the room. Fat, overweight, obese. Doesn’t matter if its 10 or 210 unwanted pounds. It’s weight we want to get rid of.

Next is the subtitle A Mindful, Livable Approach to Fitness. Who doesn’t want to be known as being with it (mindful) as opposed to negligent or unconscious? I like the word Livable because it connotes an easy-going nature, and something I can do. Finally the word Fitness. Amen to that — we all want to be fit and healthy.

Then there’s the picture. A rambling fence showing a “Y” that suggests choice, blue sky, and the sand and grasses that obviously are from the beach. It’s a nice picture, a good title and an accurate reflection of the attitude both co-author Jeri Levesque and I share. With a nod of our heads we wait for you to make the next move in your quest for health and longevity. The book is designed to empower you with tools which can help you attain the body you want and get you closer to the success you dream of having.

You gain nothing — but unwanted pounds — by telling me you had pizza and ice cream for dinner. Make no excuses nor confessions. If you wish to destroy your life by continuing unhealthy habits it isn’t any of my business. My business is to help you when you are ready to stop destroying your chances for a long and healthy life. It isn’t too late to turn things around. You can take back time. You can improve your fitness level, but you have to start now.

Place your order for a Pre-Release copy of The Zen of Weight Loss: A Mindful Livable Approach to Fitness. Send a check or money order payable to Center of Effort for $22 (Includes Shipping and Handling). Be certain to include your address. Mail to: Main Street Gym, 334 N. Main Street, St. Charles, MO 63301

Be Well!

In Loving Memory of Dick Foster As his granddaughter Colleen Kirkpatrick said, he was the definition in human form of “Dance Like No One Is Watching”

Elaine and Dick Foster

Elaine and Dick Foster

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