The Next Zen-Eration

Brenden and Jared “Research often articulates the obvious. People who cycle through repeated weight gains and losses find it harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight. One study concludes that formerly overweight people eventually need to eat 15% fewer calories than people who are thin and maintain the same weight. This means that young children who are exposed to healthy diets and encouraged to run around and play have a greater chance of not becoming overweight adults.”                      The Zen of Weight Loss

I’m afraid I’m mistaken about how long I’ve been in the fitness business. Usually I say 20-25 years when in fact I’ve been at it since 1963. I started when I was 8. I am now 58. It’s been 50 years.  My mother found evidence of this fact over the weekend. While cleaning out her desk she found a note written by yours truly.

Dear Mommy,  I found the answer to your problem. Your cells get oil and fat from not exersize. So keep on exersizing because will help you. I know. Karen

Obviously I am poking fun at myself with the 50 year comment. The bigger picture is how as a child I recognized an issue with my mother’s weight. In the 60’s overweight people were few and far between, unlike today. I was concerned because my mother was different, and I was probably embarrassed. As a kid, different isn’t good.

How do your children or grand children see you? Are you heavier than you should be? Do you have bad food habits?  Have you laid the good old excuse on those little minds that its genetic? Wow, that may very well guarantee the next generation will be plagued with obesity and poor health. 

Start changing the next generation by changing yourself.

This is your wake up call. Without your knowledge your children are learning about eating including emotional eating. They learn manners and hard work. They discern whether its acceptable to have more leisure time, or if activity is a fun thing. How can you make changes in your habits that will affect what your children do with their lives?

Begin by including them in healthy habits. Walk as a family, it may be slow if you have small children. You can allow them to ride bikes, go to a park and use the paths so they don’t have to be near cars. Take vacations that involve sporting activities you can do together. Ride horses or rent bikes to ride along the boardwalk at your favorite beach.

Train their pallets while you train your own. If you always want cheese on foods your kids will expect to load the cheese on. Teach them to enjoy the flavor of vegetables as garnish and embellishment to a dish. Let’s share some of the plans you have for this summer. It’s a great time to build new habits. Write back to tell me and my readers what you have in mind!

Be Well!

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