Gathering Diet Advice

We are gatherers. We collect information, ideas and opinions. I’ve moved several times in my adult life. Collecting information has been an important step when establishing a home in a new city. Think about what you give up when you move to a new town. Basically you start over establishing relationships with a number of people and businesses.

  • ChurchThe is the first house we owned. This picture was taken on a recent visit to the east coast.
    This is the first house we owned. We took this picture on a recent visit to the east coast.
  • Gym
  • Physician
  • Chiropractor
  • Hair Stylist
  • Nail Technician
  • Grocery store
  • Mechanic
  • Pharmacist
  • School District when your children are still younger
  • Restaurants
  • Parks
  • Entertainment
  • Friends
  • Pool and Swim Team

I’ve always used the rule that three time’s a charm. Let’s say I need a chiropractor. I ask people who they use and when I get the same name three times I make an appointment. It’s worked very well through the years. Then I form my own relationships with these people. Sometimes I have to make changes but often I settle in with the people recommended through my search.

The same applies when designing your fitness plan. You do need to ask for feedback, but the rub comes when people keep asking and never act on what they learn. They don’t make a decision and move on it. That’s why people fail with their plan and never reach their goals. Two FALSE Premises keep us from believing our choices are right.

#1 We believe everyone else has an organized life and are doing a better job than us.


Within the life of any human being is conflict and triumph. The joy of being human is we can work our way through adversity. Bouncing back is what people do! There is no finish line, stop acting like other people have arrived ahead of you.

#2 We often believe we were better when we were younger.


Your beauty has only increased over time. Experience has taught you to be more loving, caring, and discerning. A younger you had a lot more optimism. Don’t let your experiences bring hopelessness. They should be used to support you the remainder of your life. You can avoid pitfalls!

Usually you can be the decisive adult. Someone who is confident in life and in your work. When it comes to changing your body all bets are off. When faced with losing weight, fixing your cholesterol or blood pressure all reason is thrown out the window. As a trainer I normally see a panicked knee-jerk reaction. Instead of eating right and exercising you keep looking for how to lose weight. Not giving your body time to respond to the routine makes you act like a group of kids at their first T-Ball game. Charging from one side of the field to another instead of holding your position and playing the game.

Try the 3 Question method. Ask your doctor or an evaluation of your health and take any recommendations they may throw your way. That counts as one. Then search carefully for the next two sources of data. You only get three! Try asking a personal trainer you may know, or seek out a personal trainer. (Now, you get three more questions while you search for a personal trainer! When you find that three sources name the same trainer then you can set an appointment with that person.) Back to the plan. Now ask the trainer what they think will work for you. Next seek the advice of one more person. The question should be:

How do you stay so fit and trim? OR How did you get your weight off?

As long as this third source didn’t use some fad diet or pills I can recommend you start the process of building your own plan. Start with a Personal Journal. Write down your workouts, food and goals. Discover WHY you are interested in changing your body in the first place. Dig deep until you discover your heart’s desire! Armed with that information — get down to work. Start and keep it up. Adjustments may be made along the way, but your sources (doctor, trainer and friend) can help you keep on the path. Don’t confuse the issue with more data. Stop searching and start doing.

Be Well!


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