Body Restoration Coaching Goes Global

A Coaching Program

My work as a personal trainer has been in the wind for a while. Well, not the wind but on the airwaves or net-waves. 10 years ago I began developing a long-distance coaching module. I’m excited to say that the program is now available to the general public. There are limited spots available in the program, so if you are even remotely interested contact me today. (Directions below.)

Life-changing, education and research supported, fitness coaching for everyone.

My goal is to show you how to make the changes you want.

25 Years Professional Coaching Experience

Private — Face-to-Face From the Comfort of  Your Home or Office

You must want to change your body, or you wouldn’t be looking at this site. All the talk and focus about fat and weight loss probably leave you worn out and disgusted. Because it doesn’t make a difference what you do — your body doesn’t change.

In my Body Restoration Coaching Program I become your Mentor and walk you through the process to guaranteed success!

          • Find Your Heartfelt Motivation for Change
          • Design a plan to make changes in your body.
          • Develop a way to make those changes last a lifetime.

For 16-weeks you work directly with the best personal trainer and motivator I know! All joking aside, you will transform the way you attack fitness, and you will be successful this time. Learn to give yourself the attention you deserve without ignoring the people you care about in your life. Solid, scientifically backed results that last a lifetime.

No Tabloid Advice, No Quick Fixes


Never miss a Coaching Session —  Follow the Action Steps you decide you are willing to do — Keep track of your progress with Daily Journal Entries — and you will Feel Better — Be healthier, more FIT and happier with your body or I’ll return your money.

Limited Positions Available for the Body Restoration Program. Contact me today!

          1. Sign up for the ZWLClub and
          2. Ask for Coaching in the Comments on this page.

Be Well!

2 thoughts on “Body Restoration Coaching Goes Global

  1. Karen, I so need all the help I can get. I want to lose weight but have 500 thousand reasons to start tomorrow or next week.. I know if I had done it 20 years or 90 pounds ago it would have been easier, but it has never been more important than now with the birth of my first grandchild just days away. Debbi


    • Debbi, I can understand how life gets away from you…and so does the weight! This is not a quick fix solution, but I would like to send you additional information to start you in a good direction. Please sign up to follow me and join the ZWL Club. I will forward the membership packet at that time. If you need to talk you can email me at the return address on that email. Thanks for writing to me. Karen


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