I used to believe that science was the end all. The buck stops with the science behind it and all arguments are over. However, I have come to realize that science can reflect opinions depending on how the study is executed. My belief is substantiated by an “argument” I read this week on the web site Diabetes Health. The series of 5 articles is entitled Carb Controversy: Tackled from Both Sides. They focus on esteemed scientists and doctors, their studies, and their conclusions. As I read the reports I knew one approach did not work for me because I tried it and gained an incredible amount of weight. We have before us: The Vegan, high carb approach and the low carb higher protein camp. Two sides to the coin which we as the patient and consumer are supposed to read and follow. However, there the argument sits in all its glory. Who do you believe? It can make you crazy.DWB_pan-030b

Well, be crazy no more. I believe you can figure out what works for you based on feedback from your Personal Health Coach*. You can heal your body — and lose that fat —  by listing to the instructions you get every day. Write this down…I mean get a journal and write down all you eat, think, feel and realize about how your body uses the fuel you put into it every day. Start with the basics:

  • You must resign yourself to eating healthy foods. Not packaged, easy to zap in the microwave foods. Fresh vegetables and fruits. Lean meats and fish. Real food not the diet stuff loaded with chemicals. 
  • You must agree to move your body every day in an effort to kick up your use of energy. Start with walking 10,000 steps a day.
  • You must get good rest.
  • You must laugh and love daily.

That is the start for your program. Next be sure you can live with the program you decide to do. The Zen of Weight Loss: A Mindful, Livable Approach to Fitness cautions against building a program you cannot live with forever.

“An “un-livable” diet or fitness routine is something you cannot do for longer than it takes you to drop excess weight. A quick fix is a guarantee to recycle fat. Throw it away and it boomerangs right back. ZWL advocates for healthy approaches that compel focus and attention to what you are doing at this very moment to be slim and fit. Be realistic and balance your commitment to fitness. Sign up for 6 days a week regimen of cardio and a diet of rice crackers and celery and you can skip the palm reader. The future will find your body right back where you started. Start small and make changes because you KNOW how much better it will be for you.”

There is a learning curve with this new approach to healing. We don’t advocate for senseless eating of any kind of food. Moderation is the key. Enjoy your food and it will treat you with good energy and life. Watch for the release date for our ZWL Plan. Dedicate your next diet to learning about SELF and what works best for your body.

Be Well!

*Personal Health Coach. I am referring to your body but if you need additional help, contract me!

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