Christmas is Here and So Are Our Thinner Results

On September 3rd I asked you to join me on a journey. I am proud to share my results with you as well as the results of three of my clients.

Client A: 50-something woman… Actually started her journey in February, 2012 with a weight loss study our gym ran for 16 weeks. Client A did very well during the 16-week program, but decided to continue with our sessions throughout the year. Her results were marvelous. She got rid of 43 pounds ….. 8% of body fat. She looks like a different woman and feels toned and healthy. Better yet, she went through Thanksgiving without gaining any weight. She came, saw the food, made her choices, and stepped away from the table. Contrats!

Client B: Another 50-something woman….began with the weight loss study also. This woman had more weight to dump than the client above, but recognized my coaching would help her keep on track. She dumped 45 pounds….6.8% body fat. Moderation moderation moderation is her middle name. She has school age children and has that crazy schedule with sports, band events. Even with the horrible food offered at those events she finds the best choices and DOES IT! As with my first example above, Client B did not gain over Thanksgiving. Well Done!

Client C: A 20-something woman. Actually, her name is Amanda, and she is amazing. We have been working without the benefit of a gym, from my office. I have coached her in exercise and diet, moderation, attitude, habits, relaxation and more since September 27, 2012. Her history of back injury has stopped her every time she tries to drop weight, so our plan was to build strength and keep her from being set back due to an injury. It has worked. Amanda is working out 3-4 days a week…lifting weights as well as cardio. She has lost 18 pounds. Her jeans are baggy in the legs, midriff and butt. Amanda also had a successful Thanksgiving with no weight gain. She attributes that to the new awareness she has about food. She understands how her body will respond to certain kinds of food and she thinks before she grabs. The three words she used that jumped out for me were:

              • Attention
              • Awareness
              • Alternative Options (okay….4 words)

Well Done Ladies! I hope you are proud — You should be!

These are three success stories. I have other clients with similar stories, and we plan to carry it into next year. For me the results are the same. I don’t get on a scale, nor use a tape measure. My history with disordered eating won’t allow me to do that. However, I have gone from a very tight size 18W or XL to a Medium or 14. More importantly, combining exercise with the good food choices has left me with well toned muscle. My body aches and pains are gone. I have good energy. I have started taking better care of myself regarding sleep patterns, and my times in Silence are deeper and more relaxed.

The best thing about our program is we have done it according to what our bodies tell us. Some of us have used the Cinch Inch Loss Program with fantastic results. Others have used straight, healthy foods. Fresh and lean. Moderation and herbal delight. Learning how to combine spices to get wonderful flavor. The success for us comes in mastering the foods we eat and fueling our bodies with good wholesome food. Regardless of how you choose to reach your goal you must start today.

As a Coach I am pleased to see people get such good results, but it never would have happened if they hadn’t been willing to listen and trust my judgment. I have been pretty hard on them. I even told one client to “Put on her Big Girl Panties and do it!” The same applies to you. As the talk of New Year Resolutions comes up don’t make promises one minute and the next minute drool over a dessert you shouldn’t eat. Stop! You are running out of time. Your body cannot sustain a healthy life with the garbage you eat now. Get over it and get healthy. Today!

I have a very successful long-distance Health Coaching practice as well as the work I do with people here in St. Louis. .  Call me! Text me! Tweet me! Facebook me! Let’s change your life.

Be Well!

Karen December 23. 2012

Karen December 23. 2012

Karen, August 2012

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