Of Pigs and Weight Loss

What I wouldn’t give to be young and know what I know now! I’m tired of the constant watching what I eat, working to burn off excess and failing to meet my goals. I’m tired of this pattern in my own life and the lives of my clients. I know the work and frustration they experience and I want to help them succeed. I believe I know how to do that. If we all develop the good habits we should have had all our lives we could put an end to this cycle.

I know that people at every age have to be diligent to stay fit, but the wrong diet has left some of you at a disadvantage. Your body has had to struggled to digest food, burn it as fuel, and build healthy cells when all the time it has the wrong building blocks.

There is a precedent for building with improper materials. Look at the three little pigs. One with a house built of cheesy-salty snacks deep-fried and served with a side of pop. Another built his house with sugar laden snacks and pies. While a third built his with vegetables, lean protein and fresh water. The Wolf, represents the disease of mankind. He blows away the junk food pigs and cannot touch the vegetable pig! The vegetable pig is very lean, if I might add. He learned early on what he needed to be a healthy, fit pig.

little boy DavidPutting pigs aside the point I am making is how we must change NOW and take our children with us. The greatest gift you can give your children is to teach them good eating and exercise habits. I don’t believe you can or should sign them up for every team sport available, but rather be active with them. Go for family walks, hikes or bike rides. Make your vacation one that will include activity as well as leisure entertainment. Be as young as you are able. While making the best choices for your diet you can begin to reverse the effects of your former poor diet. As you teach your family you yourself can learn a better way to eat and live.

Give yourself the greatest present this Holiday Season by staying with your fitness program. Be a Vegetable Pig!

Be Well!

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