Everything I learned I learned From My Dogs

As children we learn by observing our parents and siblings. We learn by experience like the all too typical lesson of touching a hot stove. The lessons continue throughout our lives. Hopefully we get smarter so we recognize patterns and save ourselves the trouble of touching everything with fire or heat.***

Why is it that we don’t learn when it comes to our weight and fitness? Yo-yo dieting is a perfect example of how we NEVER learn. There is a continuous cycle of:

fat —— diet —- deprivation —– exercise —– sweat —— smaller body —– healthier —– complacent —– fat.

Pretend for a moment that you know nothing about diet and exercise. Then imagine you are a child and start to observe the people and things around you. Nature is the best place to start. Observation means to watch. Never form judgments. See how life functions and lives. Nothing is forced, birds don’t need help to take flight, they just fly. There’s an innate intelligence in them which tells them how to use their wings and get airborne.

That same innate intelligence is within you. I found it best to watch my dogs. They eat what is offered, and they’re satisfied. They love with an unconditional, no limits kind of love. They sleep and relax with no effort. Fun is easy to find because everything is an adventure. They have an inner peace that I want to have in my life. In short, this is present moment awareness. Mindfulness. Be the Dog!

Be Well!

*** I’m not leaving out all the other lessons I have learned, but I am making a point here. Don’t complicate this by over thinking it. Simple, lessons.

2 thoughts on “Everything I learned I learned From My Dogs

  1. Ha! You have great, well disciplined dogs. Here’s what I would learn from Marina. Be picky, very picky about your food. Beg hard, beg often for other household gourmet favorites. Sniff after children – they tend to be messy eaters. Expect treats. If treats are not given immediately upon request, for such delightful accomplishments and coming in out of the heat/cold after defecating; yip, yap, snarf and be hyper until owner catches your drift. Chew hard or soft fuzzy objects between feedings.


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