Health Benefits of Nothingness

I’ve had issues with my shoulder for a while. Left unattended it moved into my traps and neck. Seven visits to the chiropractor and my shoulder is much improved, but the neck is still not great. Add a little daily stress to the mix and I had my first episode with an Ocular Migraine. Hopefully my last. The symptoms mimicked a detached retina which was frightening. As I write this post my eyes are dilated but I have a clean bill of health.

There was a day when a doctor prescribed REST instead of medication. We need more of that in our lives. We need to do nothing.

No phones
No computer
No Face Book

Just relax with a book. Watch the birds in your yard. Sit on the front porch and wave at your neighbors. Knit, crochet, work a puzzle, or listen to music from another era. Buy a new book and find other ways to begin the process of relaxing. Robert Paul Smith’s book How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself  is filled with ideas that can get you back to the simpler ways of entertaining yourself. Give it a try. 

So the benefits? Do you really need to ask? You can have time to contemplate the bigger things in life — like why ants seem to gather their dead and leave them in a pile in your yard. You can actually talk with and hear what your spouse or children have to say. Your blood pressure will probably come down. Your body may begin to relax and the tension leave you for once. You may even have a moment to close your eyes and give thanks for the life that you have, and the people you love.

Start now by turning off the phone and sit with someone you love. Talking isn’t necessary, but laughter is encouraged.

Be Well!

4 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Nothingness

  1. Im glad your feeling better and I love the quiet busy as I am I do find time to make that happen. five more Weeks of soccer then i’m back to the gym.. Miss you guys and the class Maggie

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