Part 4: You Really Want to Hurt Your Children?

If you aren’t teaching your children good eating habits that is exactly what you are doing.

According to the CDC Childhood Obesity has tripled in the past 30 years. We know what makes us and our children overweight. Thirty years ago they might not have put it all together, but you don’t have that excuse.

Everywhere we look there are articles about fitness and health. Unfortunately there are also articles about fancy fun treats made with junk food. I picked up a magazine the other day that featured Dr. OZ. While his article discussed dietary and health concerns there were 4 articles with snacks and tips on making foods he was telling us to avoid. Do you think anyone paid attention to his article once they turned to the picture of the sunflower made with Twinkies?

We hold our kids hands when they cross the street. We buckle them into car seats. We take them to the doctor for check-ups. Why do we short change them when it comes to the food we give them. You are setting them up for a lifetime of problems. The teasing and prejudice starts immediately. Children who don’t eat right are overweight. They bear the brunt of jokes and exclusion on the playground. Nobody wants the fat boy on their team…he can’t run, he can’t throw. You hurt your children by giving them the wrong kinds of foods.

If you are trying to be healthier why would you not do the same thing for your kids? I know children may not like vegetables, but you can teach them to enjoy them. Start with the vegetables everyone loves. Sweet potato fries, celery sticks with a little peanut butter and raisins, carrot sticks, green pepper strips, apples and peaches can begin a lifelong habit.

Stop short-changing your kid’s diet. Cook for them and eat the foods too. You will all benefit.

Be Well!

Next Week Part 5: Spiritual Weight Loss — The Psychology of Body-Mind-Spirit


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