Food Must Be Personal

“… more than any other [market], the weight loss industry is fad driven,” Richard Cleland, assistant director of the division of advertising practices at the Federal Trade Commission said today. “Also, unfortunately it is fraud driven.”

ABC News ran the article where I found this quote in December of 2011 regarding the HCG diet. Mr. Cleland’s comment is dead on regarding the diet industry. Unfortunately the fraud and fad diets drown out all good sense you might have about eating.

A vegan chooses to eat a plant-based diet. A vegetarian doesn’t eat meat but will eat the dairy and eggs.  A raw foodist eats everything either entirely uncooked or food that has been dehydrated for added crispness. The temperature is never above 118 degrees so the enzymes are not killed. Then there are the low-fat diets, low carbohydrates, low or no sugar diets. These depend primarily on your medical condition. A heart patient will stay away from animal fats, and a diabetic needs to stay away from sugar.

The majority of the population probably aren’t diabetic; yet. Nor do they have heart issues; yet.  They don’t understand the need to watch enzymes in food; yet. The idea of eliminating or limiting animal products doesn’t have any value; yet.

Until these people get sick or have a weight problem. They won’t believe they need to change anything about the food they eat. Excuses will rule the day and they will eat because it’s a niece’s birthday, their son just got his license or someone brought food into work. Be an exception to the rule. Start today by eating the right foods. Eat moderate portions. Be concerned about enzymes and live food.

I’m a person who enjoys some meat in my diet. I also love vegetables. I love lots of other food and historically have a pasta and bread romance going. I started being concerned when my father passed away three years ago, and I’m improving every day. If you are ready to make a change I suggest you try to find a menu you can live with and eat it every day for two weeks. I know it sounds horrible, but if you can break your addictive behavior with good wholesome foods you will feel better. Here is an example of one “go to” diet. If you want to create one of your own think about choosing small portions of lean meats, a little fruit, lots of vegetables and very little grain.

If you have no clue what to do, then for two weeks you need to learn about how food affects your body. Get a journal — a 4×6 spiral bound notebook — write down your food and your feelings after you have eaten the food. Chart, graph, list all you can and you will have an Ah-ha moment where food becomes personal. That’s the only way to start to eat right. Food must be personal.

Breakfast 1 Egg fixed in any way, 1 slice of Bacon (Turkey Bacon is full of additives, regular bacon is real food), 1 Slice whole grain toast with 1 tbsp. butter, Coffee or tea, Water

Snack Cheese Stick or 1 oz. of any hard cheese, Water

Lunch  Meat: 4 oz. for Women 6 oz. for Men, Use real meat not lunch meat. Boars Head is one brand that is the real deal., 4-5 leaves of Romaine Lettuce – Use as burritos and roll meat into the leaves to eat or make a salad. Also you could use bread as bottom of sandwich with lettuce as top. Additional Veggies may be added to this total ½ cup. 1 Slice Whole Grain Bread. 2 TBSP Vinaigrette, Watermelon, Water

Snack ¼ C Regular Cottage Cheese Sprinkle with cinnamon (can sweeten with Stevia or 1 TBSP Raw Honey) OR Fix Cheese with salt, pepper and any other spices and eat with Celery Sticks, Water

Dinner  Chicken – prepared on the grill or oven baked. Use herbs for flavor. (4oz./6oz.) Sautéed onion, peppers with a little olive oil and top chicken. Spinach Salad with 3 sliced olives and lots of vegetables, vinaigrette dressing. Steamed Green Beans with salt and pepper, Water.

Be Well!

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