Zen of Weight Loss: Linking Brains, Behavior and Bodies for Health

Chapter 14: Knowing the Power of Food,  Zen of Weight Loss, Karen and Jeri Levesque, Ph.D.

“For some folks, how they eat, how often they eat, and what they eat is a rather clandestine part of their lives. People seem to clamor rather boisterously just after the holidays about their new gym memberships and those great new diets. The issue becomes somewhat hush-hush as the weeks roll by and winter yields to spring. The secret about food is to know whether it has power over you or visa versa. But how are these secrets revealed? At what point does one know who’s the boss?”

Knowing what is really going on with the food in your life isn’t easy. You must be prepared to do some brain work. Our relationship with food is shrewd and secretive. We begin to build this relationship from the time we’re born, and cloak our dependence with emotion. Unraveling those mysteries takes time and patience. So, how do we discover who’s the boss?   Therapy is a wonderful way to work through this process …. Journaling is another. Our recommendation is to keep a journal. Discover all you can about your feelings regarding food. Then build a fresh health image and fill in the details as you discover more about yourself and what food means to you. The more you journal you will chip away at the walls that stand between you and your fitness goal.

I firmly believe that diligence regarding food is key to weight loss. I dare say 70% of the program and attention should be aimed at proper eating. However, the remaining 70% needs to be focused on exercise.

70 + 70 = ?        No it isn’t a typo, and my math isn’t that bad!

We must give equal attention to both behavioral changes in order to succeed. Long-term results come from not returning to old food habits. In addition you must continue with your new exercise habits.

Don’t make food your enemy, and remember it isn’t your best friend either. Build a healthy relationship with food and don’t be afraid to enjoy eating! Food enjoyed best is food enjoyed completely and slowly. Eating food that will taste wonderful and build a healthier body and brain will bring you closer to living.

Be Well!

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