People Failing Diets

The weight loss study our gym has been conducting since the beginning of the year has 4 weeks until it’s completed. It’s showing predictable results. Specific numbers are not yet available, but I can tell you what I have found with the 32 people I’m coaching.

For more details on calories and how the body handles them see Arley Vest’s 2006 article All Calories are Not Created Equal

I’m down to 29 people. Three people have dropped off the face of the earth. So we know there was complete failure with those subjects. The level of success varies. Success is measured in more than how many pounds or inches lost. As Dr. Samuel Klein, an expert at Washington University in St. Louis, believes “a diet’s success should be measured by a person’s increased fitness and health.” My clients are showing improvement in fitness and body mass! However, I’m disturbed to see people slipping into old patterns at the 12 week point. This is a crucial time. How they handle the next 4 weeks will pigeon-hole them into either long-term successes or yo-yo dieters.

I know that 12 weeks seems a long time to work without seeing substantial results. In each case there is a reason for the slower loss.

  • Either the diet hasn’t been entirely clean and healthy,
  • or the person has a limited time for exercise.

There isn’t a thing you can do about a work schedule that limits your exercise time, but you can fix your diet. The reality is that results are directly proportionate to the amount of work they were able or willing to put into it.  So be happy with where you are. The loss proves the program works, the diet works, but people will FAIL THE DIET. 

Here is what I notice in the food journals I reviewed. At 12 weeks several old habits have reappeared.

  1. Eating out more.
  2. Fast food lunches, even something that seems safe, will load you up with more fat than you should have in a week.
  3. Then people have not had “treats or cheats” for so long they just have to get a little piece of pie. Fine, life is not about never having a piece of pie.
  4. Skipping meals. It is important to keep eating your fresh lean meats and good vegetables.

This far into the program if they have made better choices for 12 weeks, why do they choose to slip into bad habits? Have they lost sight of their dream to get thinner and healthy? Are they disheartened because they still have fat on their body after all this work? This isn’t about 12 weeks, or 16 weeks. This process is about a life long change to make long healthy lives!

Hear this dieters of the world! Stick With It. Eat well. Keep Moving.

Be Well!

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