Miracle Weight Loss? Please. . . Spare me!

The word MIRACLE used in a sentence with weight loss this week just baffled me. A miracle defies the laws of nature. Weight loss done right works with the laws of nature. Once people get moving and make changes the laws of nature take over and what happens —— is what was supposed to happen all along. The body works, burns fuel and you live. My weekend miracle was having time to add 2 credit hours toward my re-certification. The course Macronutrients and Exercise focused on all aspects of a healthy diet. Course materials included an article by Justin Smith*, Low-Fat Diets and Heart Disease. Those of you who don’t understand why you aren’t losing weight might find this helpful.

This article sets strait the idea of fat in our diets. We’ve been brainwashed into believing that diet is an all or nothing thing. Diets that eliminate one kind of food over another is not a diet you want to do, but we do. Smith explains how we have botched things by eliminating fat. Lack

of fat in our diets raises triglycerides, and lowers good cholesterol (HDL). Add to that a metabolic abnormality that comes as a result of this kind of diet is a reduction in the size of LDL (bad cholesterol). Remember the LDL at its normal size clogs up arteries and causes damage along the arterial walls. So smaller is better. Right? Not according to Smith. These smaller LDL “can pass through and more easily become oxidised and cause further tissue damage,” says Smith. Bummer!

We’ve been led to understand that if we cut the fat we will be healthier and lose weight. Nature (the body) needs some fat. Likewise it needs the grains and vegetables (complex carbohydrates) and protein.  The focus on fat has done us a great disservice. We’ve over-simplified our diet by excluding fat, and in the process have added too many carbohydrates.  Thus the MIRACLE MACHINE known as the body, has not been in balance. You increased chances of heart disease and still didn’t lose weight because you are eating too much carbohydrate and probably too much sugar.

What Smith brings to light is that dietary fat is not the villain we thought. I am not suggesting you start to eat all fat, but rather pay special attention to the kind of fat you are eating. Then expand your attention to the other food you are eating like the carbohydrates. While on a diet many people eat pasta, rice, cereal, potato or the processed “diet” foods like chips, and bars. These foods have hidden ingredients like sugar, salt and chemicals that the body stores. So as a nation we have stepped from the frying pan into the fire.

So what do you eat when you are exercising and trying to lose weight? I recommend you find balance, follow the signs you get from your body. If you feel good, high energy, not dozing at a stop light, up-beat and enthusiastic about life then you are probably eating right. The American Heart Association says 66 gms of fat divided evenly between saturated, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats is a daily allowance. Never have trans fats or partially hydrogenated fats. You must remember that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Don’t go nuts with those nuts.

Be Well!

*Justin Smith is the author of the book $29 Billion Reasons to Lie about Cholesterol: Making Profit by Turning Healthy People into Patients. His specialties include: Integrated Exercise Prescription, Metabolic Typing, Hair Mineral Analysis, Neurotransmitter Balancing and Detoxification Protocols. He is from the UK.

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