Weight Loss Happiness

  • Am I to understand your extra weight has made you unhappy?
  • Are you unhappy with your extra weight?
  • Does your body make you unhappy?

Regardless of how you phrase this question the underlying supposition is that when you lose weight you’ll be happy. That makes me sad because it couldn’t be further from the truth. We do feel better about ourselves when we are at a lower weight. The social pressures and body limitations from fat can be debilitating. Breaking free of the stigma attached to excess weight can bring relief — but it won’t bring happiness. Happiness comes bubbling up from within. I heard Deepak Chopra once say that babies, “bubble with bliss”. The wonder of life is that we can bubble too.

Speaking of bubbling I don’t want to squash your enthusiasm as you begin (or continue) a weight loss program. I wish to encourage you to do the work to dig deeper into your motivation. Fitting into a size 6 won’t bring happiness, but taking stress off your heart with fewer pounds will! Here is what that might look like:

Less weight == Blood Pressure Lower == Able to run and move == Go skiing with friends and family == Laugh and relax == Enjoy the beautiful day == in a smaller sized bibs.

Same weight or more == Blood Pressure creeping up == Not able to move == Friends go skiing without you == Watch Facebook for their downloaded pics == Misery.

  • Do not judge yourself, nor your body.
  • Happiness will help your program.
  • Be Compassionate. It will lower your level of frustration with people.
  • Remember to be grateful. Every day. In every way.
  • Focus on today. What’s right in front of you. Your children? Grandchildren? Spouse? Be with them right now.

Andrew Weil, MD health guru you may remember from Oprah’s show has a new book out, Spontaneous Happiness .  In it he shares his personal discovery of how true happiness comes from within and how you can find it.  “Emotional well-being. . . is an ongoing process that requires awareness, knowledge and practice.”  Sounds remarkably like what your fitness path!

Be Well!

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