The Best Coach EVER!

As a personal trainer I have developed a system of self-awareness and exercise which ultimately lead to a fit and healthy body.  There are layers to my program and clients decide how far down the rabbit hole they want to go. Most begin with workouts at the gym, but there is so much more. My philosophy for lasting fitness encompasses body, mind and spirit. I call it The Zen of Body Restoration.

  • Health Coaching – Reflect on 8 facets of your life and establish balance for lasting change.
  • Meditation Workshops – Tap into stillness and silence.
  • Meal Design – Nutrition as it pertains to your body.
  • Pilates Matt Work – New technique designed to manage myofascial, muscular and stress issues. Weights used in combination with basic Pilates.
  • Body Sculpting/Low Impact Aerobics – Fun and efficient way to exercise.
  • Group Fitness – Weight Training, balance, fat burning, humor and friendship are a perfect mix for this class.

What is Zen?  

It started in India with a man named Bodhidharma in around 500 A.D.  Sent to China by his instructor, Bodhidharma is known as the First Patriarch of Chinese Zen Lineage. I didn’t come to look into Zen until 1970. I started to meditate and heard words like zen and dharma.  A dictionary led me through word searches, and because it was before Al Gore invented the Internet — I went to the library. There I struggled to understand what it was all about. A true Zen master will be able to track his teachers back to Bodhidharma and beyond to the Buddha himself. I’m a student of Zen and try to integrate it into everything I do.

Zen isn’t my religion, it’s an addendum to my life both spiritual and practical.  It provides discipline and a way to reach into my hidden places so I might glean some understanding of myself.  Bodhidharma’s definition says that Zen is not an intellectual discipline you can learn from books. Instead, it’s a practice of studying mind and seeing into one’s nature. The main tool of this practice is zazen.  It means “seated meditation”.  

Zen and Weight Loss

Bear with me as I make a quantum leap from the peace of meditation to the mania of weight loss. I am not mainline when it comes to getting losing weight. Some things are indisputable. Limiting calories to 1200 or less a day will help you drop weight. Running an hour a day (maybe twice a day) will burn calories. Lifting weights increases the amount of fat your body needs to burn to keep you alive. Fat is not great for you. Do I ask my clients to do all of these things to drop unwanted weight and look good?  No.

I don’t believe in a cookie cutter answer for every person I train. Matter of fact I don’t think anyone can lose and keep that weight off by following the plan above.  You have to get in touch with the best weight loss and fitness coach you could ever have available to you. Start by putting your attention and studying the answers you get from your body every day.

See — You already know the best weight loss coach in the world. Your body.  You just need to learn how to listen to what it’s saying. I was pleasantly surprised today when I was talking with one of my clients.  She is trimming down nicely and doing it with a sense of awareness and peace.  She keeps a food diary and the guidance she has gotten from our sessions has led her to discover wonderful things about how her body responds to food and exercise.  Today she said, “I realize that when I have a sandwich for lunch I get a headache in the afternoon.”  So, she makes sure she has only a roll with her salad.

You’re probably thinking she shouldn’t have the roll.  That’s where you’re wrong.  She uses my approach to fitness with The Zen of Body Restoration system and knows how to listen to what her body is saying.  She’s built a personal diet and has a constant, healthy weight loss.  She’s getting results while enjoying life. She contemplates her food journal and makes a practice of studying her mind and seeing into her nature.  Her relationship with food has changed and she has moved to healthier eating with little or no effort.

My job is to lead you to a better body, and teach you how to use your personal zen. She has discovered another key to her success. I hope you find yours.

Be Well!

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