Overcoming Excuses

You would think people care about their health.  Twenty+ years experience in the fitness field has shown me that most people don’t.  They say they do, but when it comes down to it they don’t understand the consequences of  ignoring their health.    Instead of grabbing the bull by the horns and getting in shape, or doing what the doctor ordered.  The American public makes excuses to get out of physical activity.  The standard grade school excuse, “the dog ate my homework” has evolved to new heights.

What’s the purpose of an excuse?  It’s an attempt to get “off the hook”.  However, when we apply excuses to fitness, they aren’t appropriate.  You aren’t thinking right when you try to exonerate yourself from staying healthy!

Let’s take a look at the granddaddy of excuses; “I don’t have the time.”  The recommended exercise time is a minimum of 30-minutes a day.  Elevate your heart rate for 30 minutes or longer and you’ll experience some benefits.  You can put the spring back in your step, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol or fight off diabetes with a little extra work.  Choosing not to exercise is the same as choosing to face disease and illness.

The Journal of the American Medical Association and the Surgeon General has told us exercise is good.  The facts are irrefutable; people who don’t exercise risk getting some forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, crippling muscle pulls, back pain, and reduced energy and stamina.  When you exercise you have a much lower risk of ever having to face any of these illnesses.

Don’t be a non-compliant patient — don’t be a Scarlet O’Hara and put it off for another day.  Start Now!  Take care of yourself.

Be Well!





Once you are combating an illness you have no choice but to spend time at the doctor’s office.  The cycle of tests and appointments with specialists can tie you up for days let alone hours.  It’s more difficult and costly to reverse disease than prevent it.  It makes those 30-minutes a day look pretty easy, doesn’t it?


Any other excuses you might throw out there don’t work either.  I’ve heard it all and none of them justify saying “no” to exercise.  It’s never too late to begin exercising.  My clients range from 16 to 85.  Start today.  Work with all aspects of the Body Restoration Techno Training.  Journal, keep a Food Diary, exercise regularly.  Keep watching to get your own copy of The Zen of Body Restoration. You’ll be glad you did.


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