What’s a Body Restoration?

As Juliet asked, “What’s in a name?”    Names describe what you are or what you do.   Surnames or family names were adopted to distinguish between two people with the same first name.   If one man named Tom had jet black hair and beard he might have been called  Tom Black.    The other Tom might have been identified by his occupation and became known as Tom Miller.    That’s the nutshell version, and your history lesson for today.  Now, on to the development of the name of my personal training business — Body Restoration.

In 1999 I had been working as a personal trainer in Williamsburg, Virginia for a year.  My boss surprised me one day with a new client.  This man was an 82-year-old stroke survivor.   His daughter was visiting and wanted to secure a trainer for her Dad.   My boss was johnny-on-the-spot and told her he had a trainer who could help her Dad’s rehabilitation. 

Initially I had concerns about how I could train someone with partial paralysis and instability,  but with coaching from my employer I started what has become a passion for me.  I love watching improvement in all my clients, but a stroke survivor starts at such a physical deficit that the changes are dramatic.  What we might measure in feet, they rejoice at the inches.    The emphasis of my training technique changed at that point and I began to seek functional fitness with all my clients.  Their bodies also began to show dramatic results.   Word travels fast and soon I was fielding calls and operating with a full schedule.

One day while interviewing a new client I described the work we would be doing as restoration.   She was 40 something and looking to drop unwanted pounds and tone her body.  I explained that my goal was to restore her body as close to its factory specs as we could.   I asked, “Have you ever restored old furniture?”  That’s a joke in Williamsburg where the whole county is steeped in the process of restoring history.   Since that point not only strive to get weight off but to help clients live a more productive life. 

That was the beginning of Body Restoration.   I think it’s a great way to describe what everyone is looking for.   We all want to be young again.  We aren’t really excited when we look in the mirror and see our mother’s or dad’s staring back at us.  We want, we wish, we desire eternal youth.   What’s the saying?   “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!” 

Well, I’m not so jaded as that.  I believe wishes can come true.   I’ve seen people reach their goals and be happy at their personal best.   The catch is when we think what we’re doing isn’t enough.  When we believe we have to beat ourselves up to get that last 15 pounds off.    If we just believed that there is a Fountain of Youth!   You do realize that the Fountain of Youth is a metaphor for anything that potentially increases longevity? 

Doesn’t good nutrition and exercise increase our longevity?  Stop looking  for a pill or exercise routine to get you back to your factory specs.  You are closer than you think.   Don’t miss out like Juan Ponce de Leon.  You can start the process of building a better, RESTORED body.  Start from the inside out: eat better today than you did yesterday, move more than you have in the last week and reduce your stress by walking in the park.

Join the Body Restoration team and find the support and guidance you need.  Together we can reach for a more perfectly restored you!

Be Well!

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