Looking for a Beach Body?

I found a blog the other day on how to get the beach body you want.  There was one line.  It told me to stop drinking beer, don’t eat in front of the television and I can’t seem to remember the third thing.  Do you think they gained ground with me with that trite, obnoxious advice?   I was put-off by the way they spoke down to me.  In short it made me feel like a child being scolded for spilling milk.  I felt they were saying that since it’s so easy to get a beach body I’ve failed miserably.  Not sure if this was intention but that’s what I heard and felt.   So, if there is an easy way to get the body of my dreams, why don’t I  have one?   Why don’t you?

The long and short of it is because we’re complex machines of physical, emotional and habitual experiences.  We have to unravel for ourselves the why we eat what we do before we can decide how we can make the changes that lead to a healthier body.   To do that I believe we need to work it inside out.  Look at both ends of the spectrum.

We know where we want to be. 

If we are honest with ourselves we know what got us there.


Now that we are motivated to make changes in our lifestyles the question is, how we get from here to there?

I think the first step is to stop being complicated.   Don’t look at the whole picture with long lists of all the things you have to change.   When I start working with a new client I ask them to choose one thing to change that will get them closer to the body they want.  Just one thing and change it in a way that leads to health.

  • Stop drinking soda,
  • stop eating sugar
  • walk daily,
  • run at least 10 miles a week,
  • eat more fish,
  • eat more vegetables, or
  • throw out all the junk food in your house.

You try it.  Find something you feel comfortable adjusting in your life and make that change.  Stick to it.  Keep your decision private and just keep plugging along.  You will be amazed at how your body and your mind respond to a positive move in fitness.  Be aware of your body as this process begins to take shape.  You will have to pay close attenttion and begin to pamper yourself so you notice the subtle ways your body is responding to your program.  Perhaps you suddenly like an outfit you used to hate.  Reaching up to comb your hair you realize there is less flab under your arm.   I love it when people can make a trip across a parking lot at the mall or grocery store without puffing like the Big Bad Wolf.   Your experience won’t be like mine nor your closest friend’s.

Health finds a way to float to the surface.  When you see the first results you will feel comfortable making another adjustment to your lifestyle.  Your new confidence will lead the way.  Allow it to unfold before you as you confidently walk toward your goal.  Stay the course. You can conquer this with baby steps.  What brings continued failure is when we attempt life altering changes.   If we try to change too many habits at once we can’t honestly keep track of it all.  Those are the kind of moves that cause us to dig in our heels and find a thousand reasons why they can’t work.   So be comfortable with the inchworm approach.  Slow is good.  Remember the tortoise and the hare?    The hare never makes it.  Now, which do you want to be?

Be Well!