FAQ: What Kind of Exercise Should I Do?

The best kind of exercise is the exercise you do. How well you do your chosen activity is not a measure of how good it is for you, but we are often consumed with having the right outfit and the best equipment. Let it go and get moving now.

E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E.  For many it’s a four letter word. So rather than grumble your way to the gym, start with something you can enjoy.  At least a little. Don’t pooh-pooh the idea of walking outside in nice weather, dancing with reckless abandon, lifting weights, swimming or biking. Movement is what you need and if you can’t think of a way to move just drive around town on a nice day and see what other people are doing?

At any given time of day there are people outside doing something fun. Sail, row, bike, walk. Play games like badminton, soccer, driving range, baseball, or freeze tag with your kids. In bad weather go inside and play laser tag, bowling or racquetball.

Easy does it or you will be using four letter words when you try to get up for work on Monday morning. Be cautious about what you do and how hard you go at that sport. You don’t want to hurt yourself, but you do want to have a great time and laugh at yourself. Don’t take life so seriously.

As I said earlier in the week we need to move to get better. Don’t be a couch potato. Get active today.

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