The Authors behind The Zen of Fitness


If  you’ve checked out the “My Books” tab you’re aware that I will soon publish my first book. While I’ve been actively writing for the past three years the contents are a compilation of my experiences with clients over the last 15+ years.

Since 2008 I’ve been training Jeri Levesque.  She’s been subject to my lectures and advice and gotten piecemeal some of the Zen from my book.  As our client-trainer relationship has grown so too has our friendship. Last year I asked Jeri to edit my book. 

Outside the gym Jeri is, among other things, certified as a reading teacher in Missouri. She held faculty status (aka Tenure) at Webster University where she served as Reading Coordinator for the Master of Arts in Teaching Program. She also held Affiliate Associate Professor status at the University of Missouri-St. Louis while leading the Reading First evaluation. She has presented at professional conferences nationally for over 25 years, often in the role of keynote speaker. 

What we discovered was a synergistic relationship between trainer, client and friend that has driven this work to new heights. We’re excited about how manuscript has developed and are hopeful to wrap things up this week.

As we finish the final stages before publication you can start making changes in your daily habits. Lose the stress and start to exercise.

“Chapter 21  Exercise and Love It         There is no quick fix to health.  Exercise is not easy regardless of what you see on television or read in a supermarket tabloid.  Actors cannot convince us that any weight loss product earns them hundreds of thousands of dollars can do the job with less work and better results.

            The natural laws of the human body say only one thing, a human has to burn more fuel than it consumes.  Here’s how a body knows when enough is enough and too much is an extra chin.

            Metabolism is the pilot light for the body’s furnace.  It’s ready to kick in and burn fuel. This ignites with a quick flash of glycogen stored in the muscles and then fat converted is roasted into glycogen. This keeps the energy supply burning. Exercise keeps your pilot light burning high on your heater.  Think of a gas log fireplace where a tiny blue flame is always burning off minute amounts of gas which if not burnt of would be deadly. During summer when warm climate prevails many folks turn off the gas completely and the fire pit is essentially stone, cold, dead. People who no longer use their bodies, or use them minimally, don’t need energy and the pilot light burns lower and lower. Of course, we’re not morticians so let’s focus on live bodies that need to boost the pilot light and ignite the fire.”  (Excerpt from The Zen of Fitness)

Common Baby Light Your Fire!  Get Moving TODAY!

Be Well!

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