Turning Microwave Weight Loss into The Zen of Body Restoration

“There is a growing trend in Italy called Slow Food.  The movement is somewhat anti-fast food but more so it is self-serving.  Italians eat and drink their meals very unhurriedly.  Diners proceed through a meal slowly savoring its aroma, visual appeal, taste and the company in which it is shared.  Leisurely meals are enjoyed as stress-down experiences.  Conversation is abundant.  The combination of food and companionship satisfies one’s physical and emotional   hunger.”  (Excerpt from The Zen of Body Restoration.)

We’ve come to expect everything FAST. Stick a TV dinner in the microwave and we have it in a few minutes. Start an exercise program and we expect to be at our goal in a week, and when we fail to meet those goals we’re certain our slow metabolism is to blame.  The real culprit is usually over-eating which surprisingly can be handled by slowing down when we eat.

Most of us rush through eating, but worse yet we blast through life.  Are you going at life with reckless abandon? Do you eat fast?  Is your self-talk telling you how bad your dinner is for you? Then you are not in the Slow Food mode. I want you to be a Slow Food person starting now — regardless of  WHAT you have made for dinner. Give your stomach time to tell your brain it is full.  Sit with family or friends. Turn off television and cell phones. Put your fork down between bites, and enjoy. Then for your next meal you can plan a dinner using more herbs and seasonings and less fat. Use dill on seafood or thyme on your chicken. Spring is here and you can actually grow your own herbs! 

My approach asks you to be conscious and appreciative of the food you eat.  Track the food you eat and how you feel after you eat it. It’s the only way you’ll know if it’s good for you. Listen to the cues your body gives you about the food you’re eating.  Then plan your next meal with subtle changes.  This is the way of the Spirit, and the Zen of Body Restoration.

Be Well, Eat Well!

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