Finding Balance

Your body is very different than mine.  My perception of food is very different from that of my co-author Jeri Levesque which is one reason why she is such an integral part of this project (besides the fact she is an amazing writer and great fun). We all bring different things to the table and eat accordingly.

            Where we can have issues is with the “should-a, would-a, could-a” of the fitness and weight loss world.  There are more suggestions in the ethers than radio signals and the primary focus of  The Zen of  Body Restoration  program is to teach you how to establish your own balanced program. You know the basics of nutrition but you must understand how food affects you.

             The key is to track your food. The tracking will be a little different then what early man did as he walked through the forest in search of roots and herbs or an animal. You need to understand which foods provide the best fuel for your body. For this you have to use a food journal. You’ll never be able to remember what you ate  two weeks ago let alone how you felt without writing it down. A pocket size or purse sized notebook will work.

            The first two weeks of the Tracking Food Plan is unrestricted eating with daily entries into the food journal, followed by two weeks of restricting sugar, gluten and dairy. Reintroduce each food item one per week and track your mind and body’s responses. Leaving anything out of your diet forever isn’t being suggested here. Cutting out foods forever isn’t necessarily best for you. Pay close attention to how you feel.

Doctors have been using this method with their patients for years. The process is to eliminate the foods known to give people rashes or gastrointestinal distress. Physicians are sometimes more stringent and have patients eliminate fish or fruits. If there are foods you already don’t eat for any reason I suggest you still stay clear of them. Start with eliminating sugar, gluten and dairy.

  • Stay clear of refined sugar. If you use honey use raw honey, or sweeten with either Stevia or Agave.
  •  Stop eating Gluten (breads and pastas).  Gluten is found in wheat, rye and barley.  It’s often in other products from processing.   Gluten free diets are the rage right now, but as your Mom would warn, “If everyone is jumping off a cliff do you have to fall head first into the rocks below too?”  Clean out your colon and prepare your system to be balanced and healthy.
  • Stop eating Dairy. Why?  It’s higher in calories.  Big surprise!  Two reasons for eliminating dairy is to help you see fast immediate results by eating foods that are lower in calories. . . Statistically, more people have digestive issues with dairy products than with many other food groups.  Check your food journal and gauge your body’s responses during and after eating dairy.  If the results are dramatic, sudden alleviation of bloating, cramping, and unpredictable colon blows, consider eliminating dairy from most of your diet. You are the best judge of what your body tolerates and celebrates.”

 Excerpt from The Zen of  Body Restoration 

           As you begin to reintroduce the foods make sure you keep track of how you begin to feel. Is your body lighter? Do you bounce along in your flip-flops? Can you feel your body move inside your clothing because it isn’t tight anymore? The changes can be subtle. If you are tracking you are less likely to miss the cues from your body. Stay focused and you will hear the guidance being given daily.

The next step will be in learning how to dress your food.  “Through the use of spices you can begin to marinate, braise, blanch, brine or otherwise add spices and herbs to fresh meats and vegables”. Eating should be enjoyable and not something filled with fear or remorse.

 Thanks for checking in!

Learn to get in touch with silence within yourself, and know that everything in this life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.    
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross 

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  1. I just received your blog finding balance. Great article!!! So that means that I’m register to receive your weekly postings.


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